Thursday, 5 March 2009


FRIENDS-----What would our world be like without them? I was born an only child. I accepted the fact I would be alone. I was divorced , I thought I could survive without friends. I found out now, I was wrong. My BFF IS MOVING back to Huntington.What will I do without her? I am forced to be a grown-up again.It is no fun being all alone. Never sharing laughs,joys,all the fun things friends do. It is back to being alone with no one to care.I hope to join her,but I can`t leave till Aug. When she leaves it will be like my MOM dying again. It will be like a piece of my heart gone. It is really hard for me to be close to people. Maybe when I visit her in Hunington, I will feel better. She is a sweet person.I`m glad she is my friend.


  1. The nice thing about true friends is that they DON'T forget you! Even when they are not close, they are always there for you, always concerned, always hoping that you are happy and healthy.

  2. Life is change, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept them.
    We just have to live day by day and try to cope as best we can.