Thursday, 5 March 2009


FRIENDS-----What would our world be like without them? I was born an only child. I accepted the fact I would be alone. I was divorced , I thought I could survive without friends. I found out now, I was wrong. My BFF IS MOVING back to Huntington.What will I do without her? I am forced to be a grown-up again.It is no fun being all alone. Never sharing laughs,joys,all the fun things friends do. It is back to being alone with no one to care.I hope to join her,but I can`t leave till Aug. When she leaves it will be like my MOM dying again. It will be like a piece of my heart gone. It is really hard for me to be close to people. Maybe when I visit her in Hunington, I will feel better. She is a sweet person.I`m glad she is my friend.


This is my bundle of JOY